Kellys Digital Scrapbooking

Monday, November 30, 2009

Another look at November

Title and Calendar template by Heather Ann Designs.
Font: Barbara Hand & Brandywine.
Paper used in background & numbers, as well as border, sun and clouds, sun card by Tracy Ann Digital Art.
Suitcase & wine glass by Kate Hadfield.
Sun with clouds by Julia Makotinsky.
Heart by Ah! Designs.
Poppy (altered) by Amy Stoffell.
Nov 4 & 15 buttons by Baers Garten Designs.
"Creating" flair, scissors, pencil & knife by Fei-fei's Stuff.
Needle by Laurie's Scraps.
String of Christmas lights by Tina Ledbetter.
Watercolor spill by Lauraskathi.
Grocery bag by Julie Billingsley.
Place setting by Lauren Grier.
Alarm clock & laptop by Dawn Inskip.
Coffee pot by Faith True.
Glitter at bottom by Fruitloop Sally.
Flower at bottom of page by Flutter Expressions.
Game pieces by Heather Roselli.
PC by Ida.


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